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Unexpected activity disrupts the network!

One of our clients, Stokes Limited, has given us some interesting news. The IT team at Stokes discovered that an employee had been bringing a mobile device to work, logging onto Wi-Fi, and then downloading content from iTunes throughout the day. That activity virtually brought the network to a halt.

Things move quickly here at Sinefa. Only this afternoon, we received a call from a partner advising that one of their clients is suffering from “bill shock”. The mid-sized business has received a AU$20,000 monthly data bill from their internet service provider for one link with a 300 Gbps data allowance. He was shocked that the data allowance could be exceeded by so much and the service provider could not tell him where the data had been used.

An independent college that has 1,200 students is a major consumer of IT solutions and needs a well functioning network to support them. The college had experienced network problems and the network administrators wanted to understand how IT application performance was affected by network traffic, but lacked the tools to do so effectively.