Release time! Sinefa software 17.02 is out now

These software release posts now come from the people that wrote the software! Cool, huh? So, coding hat off, blogging hat on... lets go...

New Features

New L7 signatures for individual classification of Office 365 apps

We've shown Office 365 some love and enhanced our L7 classification capabilities to detect individual Office 365 apps (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) so if you use the online versions of these apps, you can see their impact on the network as well as understand any performance issues related specifically to the app.

Fun fact: Office 365 is now the #1 app in terms of data usage across our entire enterprise customer base (more on this in an upcoming blog post).

All customer facing email communications from the system have been completely redesigned

Plain-text emails were so 1990s! In 2017 they still get the job done so they have served us well until now. It's time to say goodbye to fixed-width fonts and say hello to brand new, shiny emails. All emails coming from our app (e.g. alerts, forgot password, user invites, etc) have had a makeover. They are easy to read and look great on browsers, email clients and mobile devices.

The weekly summary report has also been completely redesigned include more insights

The weekly summary report all users receive every Monday has also had a makeover. We've shifted the focus of this report more towards providing useful insights into your monitored data rather than simply displaying the raw data. This is a huge focus for us moving forward as we ramp up our machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. The weekly summary email is just the start of things to come. You'll start to see more insightful and actionable reports in the UI soon, so stay tuned!

Over 300 new L7 signatures and application definitions

In addition to our regular L7 classification updates, this release includes several improvements to our core L7 classification engine. As a result we've added a bunch of new L7 signatures (like the the O365 ones mentioned above) and updated many existing ones.

The Safari browser is now supported

That pesky 'Unsupported Browser' message is now gone for Safari users. We fixed the last remaining layout and functional issues that were preventing a great user experience in Safari. As an added bonus, IE11 and Edge browsers no longer display the 'Unsupported Browser' message as well.

Tcpdump is now available for admin users on the probe's shell

Several customers and partners have requested this one recently. Users can now login to the probe (e.g. using SSH) and navigate to the shell (by going to System -> Shell in the menu). The tcpdump command can now be used from the shell allowing users to see packets hitting the probe's interfaces. This is particularly useful in out-of-path (e.g. SPAN/Mirror port) deployments to quickly check if the correct packets are been sent from the SPAN/Mirror port and arriving at the probe's monitoring interface.

Future Development

The majority of the work in this release actually went into behind the scenes changes in preparation for future releases. Upcoming releases will include a global expansion of our cloud servers as well as some initial reporting using some of the work in our machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.

See the Changelog for more information.

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