Seamless O365 experience across 28 countries

Seamless O365 experience across 28 countries

At Sinefa, we believe that “Leading with an example” of dynamic network & application performance assurance, is akin to leading by example. If you are planning to be market disruptive, then achieve outcomes others do not:

International plastics manufacturer Wavin embarked on a migration of 3000 users to Office 365 in 2015. When the transition to Office 365 started, 150 users were syncing and the network didn’t work for 5 to 6 days, even after migration was completed. Wavin could not identify what was gridlocking their WAN.

Challenge resolution? Wavin deployed a Sinefa evaluation:

“By using Sinefa we have been able to solve the problems we were having with back-ups and Office365. Sinefa has solved multiple problems in the WAN, but also gave insight on where the problems were coming from, which we previously didn’t have.” (Gerben Bremmer Technical IT Specialist – Wavin Group – 3000 seats across 60 sites internationally)

Sound familiar for a typical challenge that IT teams face when deploying or migrating to Office 365? It should, as challenges and risk factors abound when we embark on major changes to our environments. Wavin recognised that it would have been a major benefit to have discovered and deployed Sinefa across the entirety of their Office 365 migration project, from the very start. Encountering non-negotiable challenges or model breakers in our projects does focus and clarify our thinking and priorities.

Today we will be delving deeper into why Wavin was right on the money with that epiphany.

Sinefa has been proven to enhance Office 365 deployments through the entire planning, evaluation, deployment and operations stages. In this instance, Wavin could quickly rectify their Office 365 migration conundrum, which was an undocumented Windows/Microsoft backup and update procedure. No-one was aware that this procedure was in place and was triggered by the Office 365 migration.

Wavin have since rolled out Sinefa across their 4000 users and 90 sites, provisioning a range of admin and user experience enhancements, uncovering several anomalies and further surprises in the process. They have reduced their critical NOC calls by 20%, reduced their MPLS link costs by 40% and reduced their overall Office 365 TCO in the process.

The core Sinefa functionality aspects, the imperative non-negotiables for success, that drive Office 365 performance and productivity, can be best summarised in these four focus segments:

  • Pervasive Visibility
  • Dynamic Traffic and Applications Controls
  • Applications Health and Performance
  • Data Origin and Destination Identification

Let’s dive deeper into these Sinefa capabilities that power and simplify Office 365 deployments.

Pervasive Visibility

Sinefa visibility functions deliver a clear and granular overview of Office 365 usage and performance, including the devices, applications, users, traffic and many undocumented activities that are on the network at any given time or timeframe. See everything about your Office 365 performance and network traffic in 1-second resolution.

Layer 7 Visibility and Application Classification for over 10,000 different apps and app groups is provided.

Weekly automated updates for new apps keep your usage and recreational apps controls current, enhancing your ability to effectively prioritize and provide the critical bandwidth levels for Office 365.

Dynamic Traffic & Applications Controls

Bandwidth prioritisation and dedication can be allocated to any application or the Office 365 suite using a simple slide bar to make adjustments, all from within the Sinefa portal, and with no need to configure a router. Office 365 performance can be impacted by recreational or undocumented applications, non-critical apps activities, updates and backup configs and outdated shaping settings.

Applications Health & Performance

Sinefa’s TCP Health function enables measurement of the network efficiency, packet retransmissions rates (packet loss) and applications round-trip times for your entire Office 365 application suite. This will allow admins to differentiate between potential causes of Office 365 performance issues, ranging from link quality, network or link congestion, server loadings, peak period loadings and network stability issues.

Data Origin & Destination Identification

Identifying data stream destinations and origins, clarifying where your data is actually hosted, is a key control and efficiencies function for Office 365 and other cloud based productivity suites. Discovering your data is hosted in Brazil when your offices are in Sydney and London is advantageous. This function also enables the management of Data Sovereignty governance.

Sinefa has since achieved industry recognition as a prime example of an innovate, specialised networks and applications performance technologies and solutions vendor. Developing technologies that will power Office 365 performance and reliability outcomes across small to medium and large businesses, through to enterprise networks internationally.

Sinefa deployments maintain these outcome imperatives throughout the entire Office365 engagement lifecycle.

By that we mean from the moment you start discussing Office 365, through to the:

1. Granular environment and asset assessments

2. Segment and scenario technology evaluations

3. Deployment / Testing / Issue Remediation

4. Ongoing Office 365 operations and management lifespan

This will include comprehensive and meaningful insights and intelligence generation at each stage. Pervasive visibility into all facets of your networks and applications usage, applications health, efficiency & performance levels, retransmission levels, undocumented assets, anomalies and applications activities.

Anything less increases exposure and risk levels to your migration project.

User activities are also not ignored. Sinefa deployments provide visibility and monitoring capabilities into all that is happening, applied as deep as your company, governance and HR policies stipulate. Sinefa will also provide you with in-depth data aggregation and analytics capabilities for both structured and unstructured content, which will provide Office 365 admins, IT/Networks planners and business analysts with valuable, actionable intelligence into areas beyond the typical networks and applications usage parameters.

This is a singularly critical and increasingly significant source of context related analysis and intel, which provides new insights for improved decision making across the business.

Today we have been expanding on what we do at Sinefa to achieve these exceptional, highly relevant results. Sinefa takes a holistic view to the effectiveness of the entire technologies and products life-cycle of platforms such as Office 365, as well as cloud based productivity and other applications suites in general.

The value proposition of Office 365 rises and falls with the ability of the overall productivity suite implementation to deliver enhanced productivity outcomes. No rocket science there. Expanding on this, we should more closely consider these four key, logical, non-exclusive factors that impact that productivity potential:

  • Productivity suite superiority
  • Dynamic performance delivery platforms – AKA networks
  • Suitably trained staff, applications and IT team gurus
  • Scintillating monitoring, insights and management layer

Most Office 365 users consider it a good to excellent productivity suite. Most businesses already have suitably trained staff, applications & IT team gurus. That leaves us, today, focusing on the network services delivery platforms and the related enhancements generated by the Sinefa monitoring, insights and management layers. This is crucial when seeking to identify and address what genuinely maximises or negatively impacts these core KPIs:

  • User experience and productivity
  • Platform generated business efficiencies and related actionable intel
  • Overall networks, applications and support productivity levels
  • The resulting, highly sought-after reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO)

We will be further exploring these factors, detailing the incredibly logical, naturally cost-effective and technologically superior enhancements to your Office 365 planning, evaluation, deployment and operations processes, that Sinefa delivers to these crucial implementation stages. This naturally includes enhancing the user experience and driving improvements to the resulting productivity ROI.

This is where we actually begin to work with “the rocket science” component... The Sinefa Team have proven themselves to be committed rocket scientists for networks, applications and traffic...

When you have all of the above deployed before you start planning your Office 365 migration or deployment, then success with less stress beckons... Enjoy!

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