1-second Layer 7 traffic intelligence in AWS

1-second Layer 7 traffic intelligence in AWS

Yes, it is now possible. Sinefa and Gigamon’s AWS technology is the first to provide you with deep and granular L7 visibility for your AWS deployments. This new development further extends Sinefa’s pervasive visibility from the branch and DC and now into the public cloud.  

Moving workloads to public clouds has many advantages but this transition brings with it many challenges. The ability to see individual application flows in detail to, from and inside public workloads has been almost impossible. This in turn has made it very difficult to troubleshoot application performance issues for workloads in public clouds. There are so many moving parts between the user and the AWS workload and having a clear insight into traffic and application performance is integral.

Sinefa and Gigamon have developed a solution to enable the most detailed traffic visibility that has ever been available for AWS. The solution is available to use now:

  • See every flow at L7 in 1-second resolution in AWS

  • Filter and drill down to any flow, server, IP, VLAN etc. and see the traffic as it happens

  • Make changes to AWS and see how traffic flows and their performance is impacted in real-time.

  • Understand RTT, TCP health and transaction times by a host of different filters

  • Historical storage (cloud) of traffic information available for searching and forensics

  • Extend this traffic visibility across branch locations and DC for a unified traffic intelligence platform with 100% network coverage to cover any blind spot.

  • Use Sinefa’s NQS technology to measure network quality to AWS regions, DCs & brand locations as well as other pre-defined public locations.

  • Provide multi-tenanted presentation through a single Sinefa probe (for multi-tenanted AWS deployments)

  • API-first architecture allows real-time extraction of data for other systems.

To get going you will need to deploy Gigamon AWS and Sinefa AWS. Use Gigamon’s visibility platform to point traffic of interest to the Sinefa probe. Sinefa AWS probes can be added to existing Sinefa accounts.

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Release time! Sinefa software 17.02 is out now

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