Network Managers guilty until proven innocent #nomorefingerpointing

Network Managers guilty until proven innocent #nomorefingerpointing

We know you’re not guilty for the poor performance of the network, so what’s the path to innocence?

Sinefa recently attended the Microsoft Australia Partner conference and met many very frustrated MSPs and network managers.  They were frustrated because their clients and end users automatically blame them for poor network performance and they felt that it was then up to them to prove their innocence i.e. it’s not the network, but the way the network is being used that’s the issue.

End users expect the network to be a utility, but ironically their own behaviour is having an impact on network performance.  When network performance is poor they typically do one (or all) of the following;

1. Ring the network manager or MSP (managed service provider) and complain of a slow network or poor performing apps.
2. Ring the network operator and complain that the link is slow (and trash Net Promoter Score)
3. Ring the unsuspecting reseller who introduced the last app into the network i.e. you sold us Microsoft O365 and it’s killed our network.  They don’t know that the app is the straw the broke the camel’s back, and it’s the combination of apps (traffic) on the network that’s the issue

The finger pointing between all of these parties then begins.

The network managers suspected that network congestion was the issue but how could they prove this?  So we showed them the following;

This picture shows a live stream of a how the network link is being utilised.  As you can see there is very heavy recreational network use, which crowds out key business applications.  This is stage one of your path to innocence – live application visibility!

So what’s the next stage on the path to innocence? 

A more detailed drill down of the network activity over a longer period (in this instance 12 hours although you can choose your relevant time period).  Once again we see heavy recreational apps utilising the network.

So now, you’re armed with the evidence to show your client and end user that it’s their use of the network that’s the issue, and not the network itself.

At Sinefa, we believe in beautiful simplicity.  Your clients and end users are non technical, so if they cannot understand what you are showing them, they won’t value your solution or change their behaviour.

Speed is a weapon
We believe that time is critical.  Poor network performance means end users lose time and productivity and business profits suffer.  Network managers spend significant time at great cost to try and determine the cause of the poor performance.  So how do we help you save time?

  • Create a free (fully featured) trial
  • Download a VM for immediate visibility or order a zero config appliance delivered anywhere in Australia within 48 hours (or globally)
  • Invite your client or end user into the account and show them in real time how their own behaviour is impacting network performance

So, now you have the tools at your disposal to gain immediate insight into whats causing the network slowness - no more finger pointing.  We cap this off with a simple monthly subscription based pricing model, varied deployment options (aggregation point, CPE, DC or public and private cloud), and traffic shaping as part of the subscription.


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