Sinefa Network Utilisation Index – 16 June 2016

Could you build a dramatically better data network and reduce total cost?

The IT and telco network industry is made up of a vast array of complex technologies. Yet despite this and the ready availability of bandwidth, application performance rarely meets the expectations of users. And, worse, much of this technology is very expensive to purchase and difficult to use.

One of our motivations for building the Sinefa application was to help network managers solve performance problems quickly and easily. It’s our belief that, if you can easily and clearly see the traffic on your network, most performance problems can be quickly identified and resolved.

Sinefa is growing fast. This is giving us access to hundreds of networks around the world and a wealth of statistics regarding network performance. As a result of this, it has become obvious that many issues are caused by the very users who are most frustrated by poor network performance. For example, few users consider the impact of updating their iPhone at work (not when everyone else is doing the same thing), but such a trivial action can result in significant degradation of network performance. It’s an unintended and largely overlooked consequence.

This leads us to a simple conclusion. If users knew the impact of their own use on their network, they would improve network performance simply by using bandwidth more wisely. It’s one thing to waste bandwidth at home, quite another to disrupt your business.

It is not hard to extend this idea with the realisation that, by understanding and then managing traffic on your network, you can reduce the need for extra bandwidth; improve the productivity of users; eliminate the need for heavy technology such as WAN Optimisation; and lower the cost of maintenance. There are very significant benefits available to network managers who understand traffic running on their network. In other words, there’s a huge upside.

The Sinefa Network Utilization Index (SNUI) provides a snapshot of the traffic running on today’s networks. The data is compiled from across all networks that we have been monitoring for the last seven days and can be used as a handy reference model. Your network may be different –why not find out by using Sinefa to check?

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

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