Sinefa Network Utilisation Index – 9 June 2016

What’s the real impact of recreational web traffic?

Many network managers imagine that recreational network activity, such as P2P, or rich data (video, for example) leads to traffic congestion and poor application performance. However, Sinefa’s Network Utilisation Index shows a different picture. In fact, most of the time, such traffic flows don’t really have an impact – sure, they consume resources, but they don’t dominate flows and don’t necessarily impact normal operations.

So, if you are a network manager and thinking about reconfiguring your network or migrating to the cloud, it’s worthwhile spending some time to understand your current network traffic – and what constitutes abnormal traffic that might have an impact on important applications. For example, our research shows some surprises. VoIP traffic, for instance, typically accounts for as little as 5% of total traffic volume, while file transfers and web searches, on the other hand, constitute 50% of traffic on average.

However, if you are moving to a hosted VoIP solution, that will probably change, so thinking about where you are and where you are going are crucial questions that can only be answered with the facts. Understanding your traffic is essential for easy network management and fast troubleshooting, and to help you manage evolution and change.

The Sinefa Network Utilization Index (SNUI) provides a snapshot of the traffic running on today’s networks. The data is compiled from across all networks we have been monitoring for the last 7 days and can be used as a handy reference model. Your network may be different – so why not find out by using Sinefa to check?

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

Sinefa Network Utilisation Index – 16 June 2016

Sinefa adds ASX listed software distributor, rhipe, to its global distribution panel

Sinefa adds ASX listed software distributor, rhipe, to its global distribution panel