How does traffic compete for resources on your network?

As everyone knows, moving to the cloud means that more and more traffic be generated. This means that important and mission-critical data and apps will also be competing with other traffic running on your network at the same time. 

What does this mean? What traffic is really flowing across your network? How can you sort out what matters from what doesn’t? Identifying what’s flowing over your network is a key step towards optimising network performance to ensure that key applications perform as expected. 

At Sinefa, we constantly monitor live networks and collect real-time data showing what traffic flows across them. We have taken this data, carefully anonymised it, and have launched a new initiative to highlight the most common applications and the resources they consume. The new Sinefa Network Utilization Index (SNUI) provides an accurate snapshot of  the traffic running on today’s networks. The data is compiled from across all networks we have been monitoring over a seven day period.

Take a look at the first Sinefa Network Utilization Index:

Because some apps are more bandwidth-hungry than others, your mission-critical data and apps can easily be affected. When bandwidth contention occurs, application performance deteriorates. Users experience app slowness or failure, service calls rise, network managers are put under pressure, productivity is lost and costs rise.

Our experience shows that much of this traffic is generated internally and that most problems can be solved simply by knowing what traffic is running on your network. And if you need a more assertive position, bandwidth can be allocated to key apps within seconds – see how.

We will be publishing regular aggregated summaries of this data, so that we can highlight typical network traffic and the ways in which it consumes bandwidth through time. We hope this will be a key resource that provides valuable insight to help you deliver better network performance. 

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

Would you like to know which employees are hogging your bandwidth?

Would you like to know which employees are hogging your bandwidth?

Allocate bandwidth to mission-critical apps in < 1 Minute