Take Control in Just 48 Hours

Visibility helps uncover the unexpected, ensuring compliance with organisational policies

Recently, after having experienced an on-site demonstration of the Sinefa solution, a new customer opted to take advantage of our trial offer. The customer downloaded and installed the probe and then added it to his network. The intention was to find out whether deployment was as easy as we claimed.

Very quickly, Sinefa provided a complete picture of network traffic and application activity. In fact, there was a surprise in store. After just 48 hours, it was clear that there was a significant amount of non-business related activity on the network. That’s not necessarily an issue, but it can be if it impacts the performance of business applications. 

Previously, the customer had had no idea or insight into network performance, trusting that resources were being used according to its policies. However, thanks to this information, the customer was able to take action to ensure adherence to its internal policies, eliminating the problem and making sure that business applications were given the priority they were due. With Sinefa, the customer has complete visibility of network traffic, which means it can manage its network resources more effectively. 

More importantly, it now has clear insight into how its staff are using the network and what impact it has on their productivity. As a provider of managed services, these insights are also invaluable for ensuring consistent service performance for customers and troubleshooting when problems occur. 

The customer was quick to acknowledge the ease and speed of deployment. Sinefa proved its value and is something that it will use internally and also make available to their clients.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

Enterprise cloud adoption surging – make sure you capture the benefits

Enterprise cloud adoption surging – make sure you capture the benefits

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