News from TM Forum Live – dynamic visibility and control likely to be key to successful IoT applications

TM Forum Live normally provides a glimpse of the applications and services that we can expect to be delivered over enterprise and telco networks in the next few years. This year, it’s clear that a new class of services is rapidly emerging to cater for IoT and data-intensive applications. In particular, telcos and enterprises are gearing up to deliver and consume new vertically focused applications that blend different capabilities and which have highly variable demands on network performance. 

Some of these applications will have highly variable demands. They may need to dynamically switch from low bitrates to a sudden surge in demand – for example, from medical imaging solutions that need to delivered high-quality images with guaranteed service quality.

As a result, the need to have clear visibility of application consumption will inevitably grow. Today, most applications have relatively constant performance requirements. They tend not to change much through time and our main challenge is ensuring that non-essential applications don’t consume resources that ought to be directed towards maintaining productivity at the right levels. Enterprise and telco network managers run their IT infrastructure to ensure that these applications perform consistently and obtain the right bandwidth by allocating it efficiently, with the help of tools such as Sinefa. 

But future applications that have highly variable, not to say volatile demands, and which service important verticals, such as the healthcare industry, will place a different kind of strain on networks. To deliver them effectively, enterprise and telco network managers will need to maintain real-time visibility and control of network traffic and bandwidth consumption, so that they can apply dynamic controls that will enable bandwidth allocation and application priorities to be manipulated to reflect changing requirements.

In this context, the unique levels of visibility and control that Sinefa offers will become ever more important. It’s a painless way to cope, not only with current application and traffic demands, but also with emerging requirements driven by IoT and other data-intensive applications that must also compete with classical applications.

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