Agility and Speed are Assets: Make the Most of them

Network managers are subject to unrelenting pressure.  Service tickets coming in, customers and users on the phone, apps and networks not performing.  They want their issue fixed fast.  Every minute that an issue is unresolved costs your customers money - and your business increased costs.  This creates enormous frustration.

Network managers typically have limited tools to address these issues. They can try to ping the network, investigate end points and so on, often without ensuring a clear diagnosis. Meanwhile, your customer may continue to experience network performance issues. If the problem is on the WAN, what can be done? Does your company have a product it can sell to the customer? Will it fix the problem?

Resolving network issues takes time. It requires the isolation of problems, but what if you lack the tools to do that? Sinefa is the solution.

With Sinefa, you can create a trial account, deploy a simple virtual machine and, in less than 45 minutes, obtain full, free Layer 7 WAN visibility, allowing you to diagnose the problem and give valuable insight to your customer. There’s no cost to your customer, no site visit required and you can use the experience to sell your customer a valuable new service.

Speed and agility are assets in troubleshooting. The rapid deployment of Sinefa accelerates problem solving and provides a you with the ability to deliver the agility they need.

Find out now by signing up for a trial account.

Unexpected activity disrupts the network!

Unexpected activity disrupts the network!

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