Learn how Traffic Shaping reduces packet loss for essential traffic and improves latency by more than 200%

Warning! A single user can ruin your network performance!


Everyone is concerned about getting the most from their network but we are all familiar with issues that slow down connection speeds. Recently, we ran some tests on a standard ADSL connection, in Melbourne, Australia. The tests were run on 31 March 2016.

The download speed, as determined by speedtest.net, was 10Mbps. The upload speed, determined by the same method, was 1Mbps. We applied traffic shaping with Sinefa, using parameters set to a download speed of 9Mbps and an upload speed of 1Mbps.

The traffic shaping policy was set as follows:

Traffic Shaping policy setup

Test Process

A standard ping test was run from a laptop inside the LAN to the first hop after the Internet Service. In other words, the ping was from inside the LAN to the network operators PE (Provider Edge) router.

At the same time as the ping test was running, there was a YouTube video upload running at approximately 500kbps. Three rounds of testing were conducted yielding the following results:


Traffic Shaping Off On
packets transmitted 23, 26, 28 17, 24, 25
packets received 18, 17, 22 17, 24, 25
packet loss 21.7%, 34.6%, 21.4% 0.0%, 0.0%,0.0%
round-trip ave (ms*) 119, 146, 103 30, 58, 26
round-trip stddev (ms*) 24, 25, 33 9, 31, 6
* ms = milliseconds


Congestion on the network can be caused by a single user doing something as seemingly innocuous as a YouTube upload. But the results can be profound. In this case, the resulting network congestion slowed down other applications, led to packet loss and created user frustration for everybody using the network.

The results speak for themselves.

When traffic shaping is not configured in the network, the average packet loss is 26% and average latency is 123 ms.

However, when traffic shaping IS configured in the network the average packet loss is 0% and average latency is 45 ms.

The conclusion is clear:

With network congestion, Sinefa Traffic Shaping eliminated packet loss for important traffic and improved latency by 2.7 times. That’s more than 200%!

Sinefa’s Traffic Shaping capabilities can do the same for any network and prevent packet loss, reduce latency and improve performance for all. It’s measurable, objective and gives clear, immediate results. Why not find out what’s happening on your network and take action to make the most of your connection? It’s never been so easy to take control.

Agility and Speed are Assets: Make the Most of them

FACT: TCP/IP treats every packet equally