FACT: TCP/IP treats every packet equally

“Equality" sounds great as a concept, but the reality is that it actually works against network performance and is not a best practice design technique for networks, especially not if they have to transport real-time data. 

By default, your network is not smart enough to know which data packets on your network should get priority. Worse, there are an increasing amount of aggressive applications (like internet video) that can quickly consume all of your bandwidth and dramatically reduce network speeds. 

Many organisations we talk to don't really know how their data network is performing. They can’t see what’s causing their network to run slower than they think it should. The fact is, most networks are negatively affected by traffic that is not essential but, as it’s treated equally with everything else, means that more important traffic sources suffer unduly from poor performance. Without the right amount of visibility and application control you are leaving your network performance in the hands of your users – which may not be right for your business.

You need visibility and control. Sinefa shows you what’s really happening, allowing you to take control and prioritise what matters. It’s about time you took control of network traffic to improve network performance for everyone.

Learn how Traffic Shaping reduces packet loss for essential traffic and improves latency by more than 200%

Why Network Visibility and Control is so Important