Why Network Visibility and Control is so Important

Sinefa has a deployment footprint that spans hundreds of networks across the world. As a result, we have collected a unique and valuable data set that yields insight into the cause of network performance issues. 

It’s clear from our growing body of evidence that most problems arise from how the network is being used, not how it has been built. It’s ironic that the users who want a great network experience are often the ones causing their own problems.

Until now, the industry has dealt with these problems in three ways: increasing bandwidth, creating dedicated links, or by optimizing and compressing critical data. None of these approaches has resulted in a solution.

There is only one truly effective way of addressing this problem. Network managers need to be able to see all the traffic on the WAN, and be able to show users in a simple way that their network usage is impacting performance.  They also need to be able to shape network traffic to ensure that they regain control of their network. 

This is a fundamental issue for networks today and their future development. The evidence strongly suggests that the visibility and control of real-time traffic and applications should be viewed as core network functions in the same way as we view routers, firewalls and switches.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

FACT: TCP/IP treats every packet equally

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