Bill shock nearly kills network owner!

Things move quickly here at Sinefa. Only this afternoon, we received a call from a partner advising that one of their clients is suffering from “bill shock”. The mid-sized business has received a AU$20,000 monthly data bill from their internet service provider for one link with a 300 Gbps data allowance. He was shocked that the data allowance could be exceeded by so much and the service provider could not tell him where the data had been used.

He decided that he needs real time visibility on how the link is being utilised. Our partner immediately installed Sinefa and was able to analyse the situation. Within minutes, the results were clear. With Sinefa, we discovered that  42% of the daily allowance was being used by FTP sessions alone. 

The network manager is now going to set up Active Directory integration to the Sinefa reports to uncover who is responsible for this anomaly and will continue to monitor the link to reveal the complete data usage profile.

Bill shock is far too common and horrible when it happens. It can best be avoided by understanding network traffic and controlling the use of recreational apps with a shaping tool. Thanks to Sinefa, our client will be able to avoid bill shock in the future – why not find out how you can too?

Why Network Visibility and Control is so Important

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