A single device can hog the link, ruining the network for everyone. How can network managers prevent this?

Imagine the scene. One of your colleagues enters the office, logs in and sees an alert from their Mac, stating that updates are available. Your colleague blithely accepts the device and, happily goes to fetch a coffee. 

However, this everyday and seemingly innocuous action can create havoc for everyone else on the network. The image above shows the results.  The bottom of the screen clearly shows the iOS update consuming almost 10 Mbps, during valuable business hours. In this case, packet loss soared to 2% and jitter also increased. This caused significant network congestion, disrupting network performance for everyone else and affecting their ability to perform their tasks. 

The impact of this is confirmed by a clear, quantifiable reduction in overall network quality score (NQS). The figure clearly shows this decrease. 

However, the network manager had deployed Sinefa. As a result, he was able to observe the drop in NQS, in real-time, and to apply traffic shaping policies. While allowing software updates to take place, he can prioritise key business traffic and applications, so that they have precedence and to prevent further updates having an impact on user productivity.

It’s a simple way to identify problems that affect network performance and to ensure that remedial action is taken should anything cause disruption in the future.

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