Manage your school network with ease

Image of Sinefa Utilization Screen showing a typical network
Image of Sinefa Utilization Screen showing a typical network


An independent college that has 1,200 students is a major consumer of IT solutions and needs a well functioning network to support them. The college had experienced network problems and the network administrators wanted to understand how IT application performance was affected by network traffic, but lacked the tools to do so effectively.

Understanding network traffic had been expensive, complex and time consuming. However, with the deployment of Sinefa’s visibility and control solution, the network administrators are now able to see all traffic, right down to the user, application and website levels. They can also benchmark network quality and shape bandwidth to give priority to mission critical applications.

By understanding their network traffic and shaping their bandwidth, the college is now able to improve their network performance and ease user frustration. Sinefa has removed the headache and the resulting deployment has saved time, resources and money.

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