Have you experienced ‘Point of Sales’ pain in the retail sector?

How MSPs can solve a pain point for retailers and drive new business!

Recently, Sinefa has encountered many use cases from retailers that have suffered point of sale issues. For example, they have been operating cloud based PoS systems and, due to network performance (and congestion), the apps don’t perform as they should.

In practical terms this means lost sales, angry customers, and frustrated staff. The answer is to adopt Sinefa, which provides both visibility of network traffic as well as the potential to shape traffic so that performance is optimised for PoS solutions.

We have been approached by a national fashion retailer (70 stores) and a national wine group (4 wineries serviced by one hub out to the internet), both of which are experiencing this problem. We are already deployed in the U.S., with our reseller partner TOURtech, Inc. TOURtech was also experiencing point of sales lag due to the heavy take up of Square, a payments app being widely adopted by their clients.

These customers are using Sinefa as our appliance can deployed quickly and simply on site, and is cost effective. It allows the network manager to centrally shape applications to ensure the payment app gets priority of bandwidth, and it pays for itself (i.e. lost sales are worth more than $65 per month to the customer). If you're an MSP with retail customers, you can now solve this critical problem very simply. If you're an MSP that wants new business, there are plenty of retailers out there needing your attention!

Sinefa gives you a way to assure service performance for PoS applications and could be a big differentiator when it comes to winning and retaining retail business.

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