Why traffic visibility and control is the key to delivering profitable, differentiated managed network services

At Sinefa we obtain continuous insight into networks from all over the world. The knowledge we accumulate clearly shows that many of these networks are performing badly, which has a seriously detrimental impact on productivity. Broadband is supposed to deliver new efficiencies, but poorly functioning networks reduce the expected gains. We’ve found that a common factor is that most network performance issues arise from the way the network is being used rather than the technology itself. It’s generally a matter of utilisation rather than capacity or network access itself. In other words, network traffic is the problem, not networks.

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), this matters, You need to be able to deliver network services to your customers profitably and with the best possible quality. Quality has become a differentiator, so you want to be able to deliver the best you can in order to recruit and retain customers.

So, in order to solve such utilisation issues, it’s obvious that you need to be able to see and understand network traffic. You need to be able to see details of the traffic, including where it comes from. Once you can see the traffic, you can get to problems fast – and solve them.

As a result, customers secure a better experience and are happier. This generates loyalty and helps create competitive advantage for your business. Better, it reduces your costs and boosts profits.

Sinefa delivers the visibility and control you need. It has many other features too, which allow you to:

  • directly improve network performance from your service desk, using advanced traffic shaping techniques
  • manage all customer networks that you serve from one screen, improving your productivity and profit
  • alert you to performance issues in real-time, which means you can respond faster and reduce the number of service calls you receive
  • instantly show your clients how their usage is affecting their own networks using accurate reporting features
  • invite anyone to look at the network (but control their level of access), all from one screen without additional cost

Network visibility and control should be central to the service you offer your clients, especially when it is now so affordable and easy to use.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

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