Troubleshooting by Exclusion

One of Sinefa’s MSP (Managed Service Provider) customers was recently asked by one of its new customers to help work out why their network was running slowly. The customer is an accounting practice that was experiencing slow applications and poor staff productivity. The problem was ultimately diagnosed as a faulty router. What is interesting is the method by which they went about identifying the problem.

Using Sinefa’s network visibility tool, the MSP was able to look at the quality of each link in the network and examine data usage by each application, device and user. This quickly allowed the technician to conclude that the problem didn’t stem from poor quality links or the way the network was being used. Instead, there was a problem with the router. Having identified this issue, the MSP was able to focus on the hardware component of the network, resulting in quick diagnosis and reparation. With the problem solved, the accountancy firm saw performance return to normal and staff productivity rise.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

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