Keep your ISP accountable for Packet Loss

A debt and insurance claim recovery business with a 450 seat network in three locations was having trouble getting reliable performance from applications on its network. It had two internet links from separate providers that weren’t performing adequately. Building works at head office made the problem worse. The poor performance had a significant impact on key applications, such as Citrix. As this wasn’t working properly, staff productivity was reduced, increasing costs.

The company installed Sinefa and using the Network Quality feature, it was able to accurately determine that packet loss was the cause of the problem. The Sinefa NQS report allowed the client to measure the quality of each link independently. With Sinefa reporting availability, delay, jitter and packet loss, the company was able to hold the respective ISP’s directly accountable for service level standards and address the problem. As a result, staff productivity was increased, saving time and reducing costs.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.

Troubleshooting by Exclusion

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