Product Update - September 2015

Our latest software release is out now and contains some of the most highly requested features to date. Read on to see what's new in our 15.09 release.

Application Round Trip Time (RTT) 

Ever wondered what the response times of applications on your network look like and which apps really need attention?  Sinefa now provides even more clarity into user and application experience on your network. New application performance analytics are now available for every single application.  

Application RTT is an indicator of the delay caused by the network.  A high RTT for Citrix or Office365 would indicate a bad user experience and Sinefa's dashboard now allows network managers to focus on the apps where performance matters.  Congestion, a poorly performing network or a busy app server can all impact the health of applications.

TCP Application Health 

Sinefa's TCP health helps identify which applications are doing well and which are experiencing packet loss.  For each retransmitted packet the connections have to wait an extra RTT to deliver the data.  The lower the TCP Health the poorer the application will perform. Sinefa's TCP Health allows network managers to better understand the performance of applications and their impact on the user experience.


Turn websites into Apps 

A highly requested feature from our customers is the ability to track and shape specific websites.  Customers can now define an Application using website, a group of websites, or even HTTPS.  The Application will then be tracked in Sinefa Live and historical reports or used in shaping policies. 

Over 250 new and improved application signatures

Applications keep growing. We have added over 250 new or improved applications signatures to our layer 7 application signature database. Signatures are updated automatically without the need for a reboot or system outage. We take care of all the software maintenance so you don't have to.

Twitter handle for status updates

We continue to expand our cloud infrastructure to better service a rapidly growing customer base.  To keep you posted on service maintenance, faults or changes on our infrastructure worldwide we have a new Twitter handle that our customers can follow @sinefa_support.

Avoiding the Circle of Death

Avoiding the Circle of Death

Case Study - Sinefa helps reduce network management hours by 80% (300 seat network)

Case Study - Sinefa helps reduce network management hours by 80% (300 seat network)