Sinefa joins the TMforum

We’re excited to announce that Sinefa is now a member of the TMforum (  As Sinefa continues to innovate in bringing application visibility and control to Software Defined Networks(SDN) it's increasingly important that it is actively involved in initiatives and groups that help shape the networking landscape. 

Through the TMforum, Sinefa will make important contributions and be actively involved in projects that advance the transformation of networks as we know them today.   As part of these projects we get to collaborate with the leading vendors and best minds around advancing digital business transformation with strong focus on the network. This will help accelerate Sinefa's innovations and ensure that the vision is aimed at the core of how networks will be shaped. 

TM Forum is the global industry association for digital business, connecting talented individuals, leading companies, and diverse ecosystems to accelerate our members’ successful digital business transformation. The collective experience and interests of our member community comprised of tens-of-thousands of professionals within 900+ market-leading organizations drives everything we do, from thought-provoking research and publications, to practical guidance, collaboration programs, tools and best practices, hands-on events, and training for business and IT leaders.

Industry analyst firm Stratecast (Frost & Sullivan) named the Forum in February 2015 as one of 10 to Watch in 2015 because “the industry is about to be turned upside-down and inside-out by new open architectures such as NFV, SDN and public cloud,” and that as a long-time “industry cornerstone,” the Forum “recognizes the scope of change” and is developing “practical guidance for transitioning to the future.”

Case Study - Sinefa helps reduce network management hours by 80% (300 seat network)

Case Study - Sinefa helps reduce network management hours by 80% (300 seat network)

Visibility and Control of Youtube traffic