Can Bandwidth Prioritization solve your Network Problems?

According to Ashton Metzler & Associates, the most important factor impacting the WAN is the performance of applications on the network. Can this problem be solved by prioritising applications, or is it better to add additional bandwidth?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that network performance problems remain pervasive, no matter how much bandwidth is available. In part, this is due to the nature of applications running on the network, and in part due to the convergence of users, devices and applications onto networks. We have found that having the correct amount of bandwidth and adequate application prioritization is best practice and offers the highest performing solution. Too often we see people adding bandwidth capacity or using compression technology at great expense, and not seeing any improvement in the performance of their applications

We predict that bandwidth prioritisation will be a very important tool for application performance over networks in the future. Metzler’s research indicates that approximately ⅔ of organisations surveyed are not able to prioritise applications dynamically. For bandwidth prioritisation to become ubiquitous it needs to be simple, affordable and dynamic for network managers to deploy.

The image below shows a bandwidth shaping policy that prioritizes business critical applications over non critical applications and allows dynamic bursting of business critical applications when necessary and appropriate:

The image below shows how a bandwidth priority can easily and simply be set on-screen via a slide-bar bandwidth selector, without any need for programming.

These tools automate the process of creating a prioritization hierarchy and eliminate the need for complex programing when setting prioritisation policies.

It is the first time that application prioritisation is simple, affordable and easily deployable. We expect it to make a big difference in the world of network management.

Peter Russell

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