Taming the Netflix and Youtube data tsunami


Article by Ben Grubb on The Age website today (2nd April 2015) highlights how new applications are consuming Australia's bandwidth. 

This is a manifestation of Cisco's prediction that there is a going to be a four-fold increase in video traffic globally between 2013 and 2018. 

This trend is clearly going to put pressure on the physical limitations on network bandwidths across the world. The result inevitably will be slower applications, greater time waiting for screen response and more frustrated users. 

Sinefa is seeing the video phenomenon soaking up data across residential and business networks.  (see image below which is a typical network that Sinefa is monitoring)

This highlights the need for network managers to have the capability of being able to prioritise their applications on the data network. In some cases people will want to prioritise Netflix where they want to guarantee the performance and in some cases (like business networks) Netflix may need to be limited so that business critical applications can perform adequately.

Don't expect your network operator to help anytime soon if the world follows as per the US net neutrality ruling.

Melbourne based technology startup Sinefa was formed to solve these types of problems. More information available at www.sinefa.com.


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