Product Update - February 2015

A couple of updates to kick off 2015 and a big pipeline of features for the coming months. 

Even Faster User Interface (UI) - SSD storage & optimised analytics engine

Our UI continues to get faster.   Sinefa's cloud service is now leveraging a much faster storage tier for your analytics data using the latest of Solid State Disks (SSDs).  A new optimised analytics engine further helps to speed up UI responsiveness for an improved user experience.  The optimised analytics engine also means that UI speed is not impacted as your probe deployments and analytics data grow. 

Reporting on Device Operating Systems (OS detection)

The explosion of network devices is unprecedented and the ability to see how each device is using the network has become a real challenge.   Most networks today allow users to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) but at the same time risk network overuse and congestion, especially during times when new Android and iOS updates are released.  Sinefa now allows network managers to get a clear break down of usage by OS and what type of devices are using the network.  

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