Product update - December 2014

Happy new year and best wishes for 2015.  Below are some features to keep you updated on your network's activity.  We also have a swag of new visibility features scheduled for January so stay tuned. 

Weekly Summary Reports

Every Monday, our users will get a brief email about the top applications on the network and how they've changed compared to the week before.  A simple scan may be enough or investigate further by clicking on "Go to Dashboard". 

If you haven't received this report it means that you don't have any application visibility enabled or configured. Contact your network manager or contact Sinefa for assistance with enabling the Weekly Summary Reports.


Application Descriptions

New applications are being added on a weekly basis and keeping up to speed with all of them is a challenge.  Users can now hover over the application in question and get the detail they need. 

These features are available now - log in

Visit for product help and if you ever need assistance or have any ideas, feel free to contact us at

Product Update - February 2015

Application Visibility for Big Networks