Application Visibility for Big Networks

Sinefa is proud to announce a strategic technology partnership with Gigamon (NYSE:GIMO). Maintaining pace with device and data explosion is a key challenge for network operators and large enterprise.  Traditional visibility solutions are designed for static networks and fail to scale for new challenges both in terms of speed and distribution.  Visibility has become critical for the new highly dynamic network which must adapt to deliver the best experience for its customers.


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Gigamon technology enables Sinefa to collect traffic from complex and very high speed networks. They represent the physical infrastructure that extracts the traffic from the network and integrates with Sinefa software for application analysis. Gigamon is carrier grade hardware and is equipped to handle 100Gbit networks and beyond.  The joint solution enables Customer Facing visibility and L7 classification at ultra high speeds and scale, equipping Sinefa for the largest and most complex fixed and mobile networks. With Gigamon's Visibility fabric and Sinefa's multi-tenant architecture, SPs are ready to scale for next generation networks and extend network intelligence to their customers to provide a great customer experience.
See Sinefa/Gigamon Solution brief (PDF) here:


Product update - December 2014

Bandwidth monitor for business networks