Product Update - August 2014

We continue to add more visibility power and context this month. HTTPS traffic is growing as major websites force it onto their users, stressing the importance for network managers to get more clarity into this traffic. We have also added a neat way to integrate into Active Directory and get username information to adde even more context to visibility reports. We hope you find these new reporting features helpful. 

URL Visibility

Drill even deeper into real HTTP traffic by seeing URLs. Ability to see all URLs on the network, are now part of the Sinefa's basic visibility offering. Sinefa has also linked URLs with a number of applications. Administrators can now drill down into an application like Pandora Radio and understand what servers and URLs the application is supported by.  URL visibility is now available for all customers. No configuration is required to enable it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.47.31 pm


Secure HTTP URL Visibility

Further to URL visibility, we now provide HTTPS/Secure HTTP visibility based on SSL common names. Many of the major websites are now forcing users into using HTTPS and visibility into HTTPS traffic is becoming even more critical in understanding what users are doing.  HTTPS visibility is also available without any configuration changes.


Active Directory(AD) username Visibility

Beyond just internal host IP addresses, seeing actual usernames adds important context when reporting and troubleshooting network issues. A username is in most cases is a real person using a device in the network. We have now made it possible to add username context to all the reports and the ability to drill down to specific users and their respective URLs and applications. Sinefa achieves this visibility by querying AD Domain Controllers in the network to link IP addresses to real users. Unlike cumbersome solutions which require the installation of agents onto the AD servers, Sinefa delivers AD integration by simply pointing the Sinefa Instance to the AD server. A simple and self contained approach that scales to multiple Domain Controllers to deliver username visibility across the whole network. Enable username visibility under Settings | Users.  See community post for more details.  Check out the Sinefa community article to get started with AD

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These features are available now - log in Customers with Sinefa Self Host Controllers will need to upgrade to the latest version to enable the new features.

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