Product Update - July 2014

10x more Application signatures

We have extended our Application signature (L7) engine which now classifies over 6000 different applications. A strong classification engine ensures detection of new and changing network applications such as Skype, Bittorrent, TOR and more. With the new engine comes high speed classification and more visibility into sub-types like Skype and Facebook actions. Sinefa's new signatures are seamlessly updated at runtime via the Sinefa cloud with zero interruption to the service. No need for large firmware updates and reboots like traditional visibility appliances


Grouping of Applications

Applications can now be grouped by tags. Default tags like All Streaming, All P2P, All Web File Sharing have been predefined by Sinefa, which users can either add to or create their own tags.

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Sinefa network appliances - available now

Targeted to the branch offices, remote locations and mobile base stations, Sinefa has introduced a range of network appliances.  The appliances are ideal for rapid deployment and boast zero-configuration where virtual infrastructure is not available. The appliances are typically installed in-line with the network and come with ethernet bypass capabilities.  Appliances are now shipping.  Contact us at for more.

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Product Update - August 2014

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