Product Update - May 2014

Alert Consolidation

Sinefa's alerts act as an early warning system for network performance problems. We recently improved on this by adding intelligence to the system to isolate the link/site that is suffering of poor performance and is impacting the rest of the network. So the moment a network with many sites suffers from poor performance. Users will receive a single consolidated email pointing to the problematic link with links to all the details of the consolidated alert. Alert Consolidation does the hard work of triaging network quality problems and quickly points teams at the problem.

Disabling ACKs/Clear for notifications

It turns out many of our customers send out Sinefa email alerts to third party systems which raise tickets. Thats OK when an alert is raised, but an ACK or a Clear will simply raise another ticket. We've added the option to disable these on notifications.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 1.51.43 pm

Welcome page for new users

A new welcome page is now available when users login for the first time. Users can select to see the Demo Account or setup their own account by deploying a new Sinefa Instance to get started.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 1.59.57 pm

Add Sinefa Instance

Sinefa has more deployment options than you can poke a stick at and that continues to grow. We have a added a Add Instance function to make deployment even easier. The Add Instance button allows users to select Software or Hardware options depending on their environment.  Go to Settings | Instances

Chat to Us

If you ever have any problems, ideas or you just want to chat with us, you can do that via the chat module. We look forward to chatting to you.

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