Product Update - January 2014

Custom dashboards, support for Sonicwall and improved alerting for individual quality tests.

Create custom Dashboards

With a series of new display widgets, users can now create and share dashboards. Creating Operations, Support or Application Visibility dashboards has never been easier.  With filtering, you can create custom dashboards by region, connection medium and any other tag for high level reporting on areas of interest.  We also now remember the last Dashboard you visited and we'll take you there next time to you login. See more here.

Flow Support for Sonicwall

Sonicwall is the latest vendor to be supported by Sinefa's Application Visibility.  Sonicwall devices can now be used to collect and classify network traffic with Sinefa.  See how to get started

Improved Alerting for Quality Tests

Improved alerting now caters for granular visibility into quality tests and traffic sources. Thousands of quality tests can be created with a single config change and alerts can now be filtered to apply to specific tests or a group of tests. Different alert thresholds can be configured for each individual test, e.g. DSL circuits can have different thresholds to satellite or cable connections.

These features are available now - log in

Product Update - May 2014

Create your own Dashboards