Create your own Dashboards

With a series of new display widgets, users can now create and share custom dashboards.  Creating an Operations dashboard with key Network Quality tests and then applying that to a particular region is now possible.  Multiple dashboards can be created to suit the different user and department.  Application Visibility dashboards can also be combined with Network Quality stats and maps to create an all in one report which can be shared and emailed.  Without any limits on the number of widgets, dashboards can serve as a high level reports for general consumption. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 3.18.09 PM



Filtering and remembering your last Dashboard

Detailed filtering allows dashboards to be customized by region, connection medium and any other tag for high level reporting on areas of interest.  Tags assigned to probes and instances for more granular classification and improved reporting.   Sinefa supports unlimited tags per instance allowing for overlays so respective teams can do their own reporting.   Some teams may be interested in regional reporting, others in the performance by Service Provider and others may be interested in the connection type.  This extensive tag filtering can now be applied to a permanent customer dashboard.   Oh, we now remember the last Dashboard you looked at so when you log back in thats where we take you.

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Multiple widgets and presentation options

There is a series of widgets displaying a combination of different stats using spark charts, numbers, maps, bar graphs and pie charts.   The widgets is an area which users will see a lot of progress as we develop and continue to add more options to further their ability to track down problems and make decisions about their network.

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Product Update - January 2014

Product Update - November 2013