Product Update - November 2013

This month, we are very pleased to be introducing native support for Raspberry Pi (RPi).  The RPi is an important development for Sinefa to deliver scalable network performance for highly distributed networks.  Combined with our other extensive deployment options, Sinefa has you covered no matter where your infrastructure and applications are located.

World's smallest network probe on Raspberry Pi (RPi)

The sweetest Sinefa probe for versatility and scale.  Low cost, low footprint and scalability make the RPi with Sinefa the ideal platform for a distributed network performance solution. See more about how to buy and what a breeze it is to deploy.

Flows per Minute statistics

Flows per minute (FPM) is a new stat that you will see appearing in Utilisation tables.   Sinefa will be using this as a key sizing parameter for selecting the right hardware resources when performing Application Visibility.  A 2Gbit network will yield a higher FPM than a 10Mbit network thus requiring more hardware or virtual resources to perform as expected.

Sinefa for Amazon AMI

Sinefa's extensive deployment options like Virtual (VMware, KVM, HyperV), Linux RPM and hardware, are now further complemented by the Amazon AMI, making it easier for customers to cover today's highly distributed and hybrid environments. Amazon AMI instances can be launched with the 1-click method or through the EC2 Console.  To launch the AMI instance follow the steps in Settings | Software | Amazon AWS EC2 or follow the quick start guide.  Read more about Sinefa's Amazon AMI.

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Introducing the sweetest Sinefa probe for versatility and scale