Advanced Data Reporting service for Network Service Providers


As revenue for Network Operators and Service Providers moves from traditional fixed phone line to wireless and data, so too increases the need to provide better reporting and billing services to customers using their data services.

Could you imagine the voice (phone) bill from your communications company was a single page showing the total amount owing with no breakdown of the calls that were made?  No, this would not be acceptable especially when additional once off charges such as excess usage are applied.  But its interesting that this is exactly what is offered with the data bill, one page with very little or no details on how the data was used.

This is where Sinefa comes in. Sinefa offers an Advanced Data Reporting service at a level that is not currently available in Service Provider offerings.

Sinefa has developed, especially for Service Providers, a multi-tenanted and scalable advanced data reporting offering.  With Sinefa, the Service Provider and its customers can get application level breakdown of data used. This information can be in the form of a traditional bill as well as being available in real time and historically via an online portal.

The user can log in and get up to the minute summary and detailed information on the applications and IP addresses utilising the network, along with drill down information.

The fastest call to the helpdesk is the one that you dont have to make.

The information provided by Sinefa goes beyond billing, providing valuable insight during network service troubleshooting.  The customer via the self help portal gains visibility into how the network is being utilized and can self diagnose and fix many of the problems that would otherwise require a phone call into the Service Providers customer service desk. A win-win, faster service for the user and reduced costs for the SP.

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