Sinefa Releases Amazon AWS AMI - Available on AWS Marketplace

Amazon AWS AMI instances can be launched with the 1-click method or through the EC2 Console. When launched, instances are automatically registered to your account. To launch the AMI instance follow the steps in Settings | Software | Amazon AWS EC2 or follow the quick start guide.With Sinefa's AMI, customers can launch multiple instances across all of Amazon's regions for a broader coverage of network quality between key geographic locations. Sinefa Instance can also be used to measure quality between AWS regions that may be hosting your cloud infrastructure.

Sinefas Amazon AWS AMI

Sinefa's extensive deployment options like Virtual (VMware, KVM, Hyper-V), Linux RPM and hardware, are further complemented by the AWS AMI, making it easier for our customers to cover today's highly distributed and hybrid environments.

When it comes to network visibility, both public cloud applications and virtual private cloud (VPC) services can all be monitored using Sinefa's new AMI. Your AWS VPC could be another utilization “source”.

Launch the Sinefa AMI and get application visibility across all your cloud services. Combine this with Sinefa probes at the branches to get complete WAN visibility.

See Sinefa's AMI on AWS marketplace here:

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