Identify problems faster - See the data that matters

When it comes to finding network problems, collecting huge amounts of data is not enough.   The answer lies in seeing the data that matters.  With 13.09, we have added new dashboards and widgets designed to present metrics that matter.  The new high definition spark charts provide instant visuals on trends of key metrics. Users can quickly gain an understanding of what's going on without needing to drill down for further analysis.badf4c25-6dcc-4a93-8de2-ad6ead1ec341











A popular customer request, the simple pie chart widget, has also been added to the mix.












The Quality dashboard has been enhanced to present the key quality metrics in vertically stacked spark charts.  Important average figures are also displayed for a fast assessment of the situation and the search filter can be used to provide a Quality dashboard for a region, location or group of locations associated by tags.  To see quality metrics for my European sites I simply type instance =  EMEA in the search filter, select Last 30 days in the time range and send the dashboard to my colleagues as a PDF.  Its as easy as that.




















Every dashboard can be shared, emailed and PDFed.

While we have made some initial assessments about the relevant dashboard metrics for our customers, we're working on dashboard customisation which comes with a series of widgets allowing customers to create their own dashboards with numbers, metrics and visuals that matter to them.  The planned widgets Stay tuned for some update in this space.

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