Product Update - September 2013

New DashboardSinefa's September release includes Quality Test Paths enabling greater flexibility in describing quality tests and gaining better insight into large and complex networks. A set of new and more visual dashboards also come as part of this release.

Quality Test Paths

Test Paths can now be configured on demand to suit any network environment beyond the traditional hub and spoke. Thousands of tests can be setup and torn down within seconds with Sinefa's new Quality Test Paths feature. Fully meshed, partly meshed, tiered and any other ad-hoc quality testing is now supported. Read more here.

New Dashboards

The new Dashboard is the groundwork for a fully customisable dashboard in the near future. It features tiles, larger map, spark charts for historical visuals and key performance indicators to provide a solid overview of the state of the network and applications. Dashboards can also now be shared and turned into PDF.

New Instance Settings layout

We've taken a more intuitive approach to the Instance settings page by improving the flow and introducing light boxes. Faster searching and sorting and a tag widget for improved visualisation of tags makes for a better user experience.

You can log in here to see the new features.


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