Flexible network performance reporting for every network

TBT NetworksOne of the key product design goals for Sinefa's next generation network quality testing tool for Service Providers was to empower the user with flexibility to setup network quality tests in any way that best suited their environment.Is the network hub-and-spoke, fully meshed, partly meshed, tiered or something else?  With Sinefa's new Tag Based Testing feature released in version 13.09 (September 2013), the user can now setup quality tests from any Sinefa Instance to any other Sinefa Instance.  The further use of 'Tags' allows grouping so that tests to thousands of locations can be setup with a single test definition.

Typical use cases: 1) Continuously monitor the performance from particular locations to other key test targets such as local and international data centres 2) Report on the performance of select hops between two end points - and do this over time to monitor how performance changes. Measuring select 'hops' helps to visualise what is causing the degradation in network quality. Otherwise measuring only 'end-to-end' can hide the necessary details. 3) Set the test destinations to a predefined point inside the network in a location that makes sense to the environment being tested - as opposed to having to use predefined or fixed test points 4) Admins from different groups can setup test paths and alerts relevant to their environment and applications 5) Monitor paths of interest closely by creating test paths and setting up alert thresholds.



Product Update - September 2013

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