Deployment Just Got Better - Sinefa Introduces Native Support for Linux and Cloud Servers

Linux RPMCustomers can now deploy Sinefa on their private and public cloud servers in a matter of minutes. No virtual machines, no hardware and no dedicated servers. A single command line instruction on your target servers is all that's required to start centrally visualizing application usage and assessing quality to your critical services.With this release, Sinefa enables deployment at the server level where network deployment is not possible. In many cloud environments there are no practical points of network aggregation where traffic can be easily monitored or collected for analysis. Sinefa's Linux RPM addresses this issue by auto-deploying onto the servers to provide immediate centralized intelligence.

Sinefa's VM supports network deployments such as installing next to a core router or in-line with the WAN environment, while Sinefa's Linux RPM is deployed at a server level such as a physical or virtual host in the cloud or even somewhere in the WAN. Sinefa's network intelligence supports data from both the Sinefa VM and Sinefa RPM deployments, and the combination of both allows unprecedented data collection capabilities for any highly distributed environments with a mixture of physical, virtual and cloud networks and servers.

  • Instant visibility. One line install to start to see what's going on. No need to configure Netflow or in-line devices
  • No need for virtual machines
  • No need for hardware
  • Get visibility into public and private cloud environments
  • Don't wait for the network team to install appliances
  • Deploy at scale across multiple servers with products like puppet and chef
  • Enable visibility for hybrid environments including in-line and server level reporting

Sinefa's Linux RPM makes it even easier for technology vendors to integrate Sinefa's network intelligence. One line install, highly automated deployment and customization allows vendors to get to market faster.

The Sinefa one-line install can be found under Settings | Software when you login. Currently, Sinefa supports RPM based packages with Debian and others to follow.


Flexible network performance reporting for every network

Product Update - August 2013