Product Update - August 2013

Available now, Sinefa's August release is jam packed with some great developments.

Native Linux Installation - Sinefa Deployment Just Got Better

We now have a package that installs natively onto Linux. With its new Linux RPM deployment, Sinefa expands its deployment footprint to cloud servers and applications. Users can now deploy a Sinefa instance on their Amazon servers or any other public cloud, to get deep application visibility and measure the quality of their network connections to their cloud applications. With the help of public clouds, Sinefa's RPM can be deployed across the world in minutes and used in a clever way to triangulate and gain quality intelligence across regions, providers and clouds. Sinefa's Linux RPM is a one line install making it a breeze to rollout. Its available on your account now so give it a try. Find out more...

More Alerts

You can never have enough alerts. We keep adding alerts based on user requests and feedback. This month we have added alerts around the online/offline status of instances, login/logout events, incompatible Netflow versions and Netflow source clocks not being synchronized. These alerts are available right away.

Faster & Cooler Maps

We opted for Google based maps and are finding that they work well across many different platforms. Improved usability, faster rendering and more importantly we now have laid down the groundwork for some upcoming map overlays. The maps will start to become a critical element to visualizing the intelligence collected with Sinefa.

Improved Support for NATed Environments

Sinefa instances now work seamlessly behind NAT environments without any configuration.

Support for SPAN (with Direction Preservation)

Get traffic utilization monitoring directly from SPAN ports, network taps or from your virtual infrastructure (e.g. through VMware VDS). Sinefa will classify all the flows at Layer 7 and preserves direction in out of path deployments whether physical, virtual or hybrid.

September promises a swag of new features and User Interface improvements. We hope you enjoy these updates and please keep the feedback coming. We love hearing from our customers so make sure you have your say when you log in.


Deployment Just Got Better - Sinefa Introduces Native Support for Linux and Cloud Servers

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