Case Study: Forum slashes network support costs and improves customer experience with Sinefa

Forum Group LogoForum is a truly integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) company, offering a full suite of services across Communications, Data, Fleet Vehicle Tracking, Print and Records Management, designed to give businesses the ability to deal with a single supplier.Setting the pace for a new world of ICT, this dynamic information and communications technology company is rapidly making its mark on the Australian ICT industry.

The Problem

When application and network performance issues arise, the Forum support team looks into everything from Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to 3rd party communication provider services. The process is consuming and in many instances technical experts need to be sent onsite causing further delays and costs. The fault is found, often after multiple calls, and the issue is fixed, but not without scrambling over areas that were, in hindsight, irrelevant to the outcome. Without access to the right information its difficult to get clarity on fastest path to resolution.

The Solution

Sinefa was able to provide Forum with the network intelligence required to find and fix issues faster and to increase the performance of the customers network.

Sinefa measures and records the performance of ‘the service’ and makes this recording available for playback at a later date. Network quality is graphically depicted on Sinefa’s report so that when a customer calls in with a network performance issue, the customer service representative can pull up the network performance report in seconds by entering the customers ID and gets an immediate picture of what is going on. This cuts the time to resolution significantly in almost every call to the customer service organization.

With Sinefa's proactive alerting features, Forum's customer service organisation is alerted as soon as any of the network parameters fall outside a 'good' threshold.

"Partnering with Sinefa has expanded our visibility of our customers network and more importantly individual network behavior. We now have access to unique and accurate information which exposes any flaws and allows us to optimize network efficiency while proactively managing any faults that may arise. With the help of Sinefa, Forum is able to deliver an improved overall customer experience, allowing our customers to better focus on their own business productivity." Theo Popescu, Chief Technology Office, Forum Group

Download the full case study: Forum Case Study  

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