New Features and Updates - June 2013

We kept plugging away in June to bring out some features our users have been asking for. Downloading reports in PDF format, sharing & emailing reports and a host of UI improvements to enhance flow and styling. Work on extended alerting functionality continues but more importantly we have a big product update brewing for July & August.

PDF Download

Next time you're looking through the wealth of Sinefa reports you'll be able to share them with your friends and colleagues or download as a PDF so it's set in stone. We've also paid extra attention to our PDF generation engine to give you clean, crisp reports which you'll be happy to show off.

Report Share Feature

Report Sharing

PDF reports can also be shared via email. A direct URL link to the report can also be shared with others. The direct URL link enables system users to click on the link and go directly to the report of interest. Those than don't have access to Sinefa can be easily invited by the account owner - see more here. Happy sharing and we hope you enjoy this feature. Scheduled PDF reporting is also in the works.

Report Share Feature

Some UI Improvements

We have improved navigation through the pages, changed some styling and added some cooler widgets to improve user experience. We hope you enjoy these too.


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