Case Study: Spark (Telecom New Zealand) Improves Customer Service with Sinefa’s Application Visibility in the Cloud

telecom_horz_grad_glow_pos Revera, a Telecom New Zealand company, is a leading provider of utility computing infrastructure and enterprise data management based in New Zealand. They deliver high integrity computing

infrastructure, enterprise storage, and data management services to New Zealand businesses and partners.

Revera's success is built on locally-based synchronised data centres and a technology platform providing readily scalable enterprise computing infrastructure.

The Problem

Revera wanted to provide each of its valued customers with deep application level visibility on their dedicated internet feeds to offer greater transparency and improve the customer experience.

The Solution

Sinefa's Visibility-as-a-Service provided a dedicated application visibility portal for each of Revera's customers without additional infrastructure.

Sinefa's Visibility-as-a-Service provides deep application visibility for Revera's customers. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, Revera's customers are now able to see internet application traffic in current and historical context. Customers are able to drill down into usage, hosts, applications, locations and more.

Revera's utility computing infrastructure is dispersed across multiple data centres. Sinefa aggregates customer internet traffic flows from any of these data centres to provide seamless visibility. Sinefa's aggregation technology is able to collect, consolidate and account this traffic to the customer.

Sinefa provides high resolution visibility for root cause analysis. Sinefa's cloud based architecture provides a fast user experience when customers are reporting, drill down and troubleshooting network issues. With a cloud based system also come a host of other benefits including the software being always up to date, continuous feature updates and a system that's always on.

"Revera differentiates by providing innovative technologies which combined with our high integrity IT infrastructure offer enormous value to our customers. Sinefa is a great innovation which slotted smoothly into our complex environment and provided rich visibility for all our customers without rolling out hardware. Our customers got immediate centralised visibility and they are delighted." Marc Nienkemper, Network & Security National Manager

Download the full case study: Case Study

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