Sinefa in the SDN Stack

Sinefa adds deep visibility to the Software Defined Networking (SDN) stack thereby allowing SDN applications to make intelligent and informed performance, security and optimization decisions. Sinefa can also assist with troubleshooting as well as integrate with network or operations management systems.

In the diagram, SDN enabled switches under the control of a SDN Controller using the OpenFlow protocol, export flow information via NetFlow or IPFIX. Sinefa receives this NetFlow and provides deep visibility into utilization, performance and quality. In addition, thresholds can be defined and Sinefa can generate alerts when utilization, performance or quality metrics are breached.

Sinefa exposes all of this data through its REST API, enabling 3rd party SDN applications to retrieve utilization, performance and quality statistics or be informed when events occur. These applications can then provide instructions to the SDN controller based on this information.

As an example, Sinefa can be configured to raise an alert when applications are "red lining" (running at high throughput for a sustained period). When this occurs, the SDN application can instruct the SDN controller to take appropriate action, such as perform a packet capture for diagnosis or allocate additional resource to improve performance.

Sinefa also has the ability to segment customer data allowing each customer to view their own, individual utilization, performance and quality reports. In multi-tenant SDN environments, this can be taken a step further, allowing SDN applications to make decisions based on information about individual customers, rather than the network as a whole.

Sinefa's REST API is an enabler for SDN as well as other solutions to extract intelligence about the network and application performance in order to improve their native functions. IT operations solutions overlayed with Sinefa via its REST API can be much more effective on the network. SDN itself is fuelling new opportunities for smart visibility and further enhances Sinefa's capabilities to deliver intelligence and value.

Case Study: Spark (Telecom New Zealand) Improves Customer Service with Sinefa’s Application Visibility in the Cloud

New Features and Updates - May 2013