Sinefa: Sprinting ahead with SCRUM

Sinefa employs agile methodologies throughout the entire organization, particularly in software development where we use SCRUM. We’re no strangers to SCRUM at Sinefa, all of our engineers and product managers have used it extensively in the past. So why does it work so well for us?

Highest value features are delivered first. This seems obvious but it’s more involved that it first appears. The key is deciding what features provide the highest value, and there are plenty of factors to consider. We’re extremely customer focussed at Sinefa, so any features that improve the customer experience and quality of the product often bubble up to the top.

Impediments are quickly identified, prioritized and systematically removed. This all comes down to how we handle issues. Be it development roadblocks, testing impediments, customer support issues… they are all quickly identified and prioritized. This improves customer responsiveness but it also means impediments don’t get in the way.

Development teams are autonomous. This simply means that anyone can work on anything, which in turn means that all our developers get to know our product really well, which in turn means that quality is improved because the entire team can work together and make smart, informed decisions.

Quality, quality, quality. Quality is the most important consideration at Sinefa. Within our SCRUM process, we've embedded quality best practices at every stage, for example code reviews, continuous integration and high coverage automated testing. Not only do these maintain excellent product quality, it also results high agile velocity.

These benefits really enable us to deliver high quality features… fast. To help facilitate this, last month we launched a small but very important change on the Sinefa User Interface. There is now a small link at the bottom of the main menu on every page called “Give Feedback”. As the name suggests this feature allows our customers to give us feedback, and already we’ve made changes based on feedback received.

While there is nothing ground-breaking about providing a customer feedback facility, what’s important is how that feedback is received. Any feedback received using this feature is distributed to the entire company. It’s directly injected into our SCRUM process and is yet another way we’re improving our agility and providing value for our customers.


New Features and Updates - May 2013

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