Product Update – April 2013

It's been a steller month for product management and development. We have had lots of conversations with lots of customers and have received some incredible feedback and ideas. We're continuing efforts to enhance our next generation visibility platform with an update which leverages traffic aggregation points to deliver high definition visibility for all stakeholders from customers to Value Added Resellers and Service Providers.

Flow Segmentation

Offers deep network visibility for customers without the need for hardware or software. Sinefa is now able to aggregate flow data from various network equipment and segment the data for reporting and analysis by different groups of people such as customers, departments or regional managers. This means instant deep network visibility for groups that have no or limited access to data about their network usage. More in this post.

Customer Portal for MSPs

With Sinefa's Cloud Customer Portal, Managed Service Providers (MSP) can now provide next generation network visibility for their customers. Customer's get instant visibility - no software or hardware required. More in this post.

Quality Overview Report

A report that displays all the quality, application utilization and capacity results for one or more locations on a single page. This report allows users to quickly correlate interesting events with changes in quality, utilization and capacity, which ultimately leads to quick troubleshooting and resolution of problems. More in this post.


An easy way to tell us about your great ideas. There is now a button in the system where users can provide feedback about existing pages and send us ideas on what they would like to see. We encourage feedback and we carefully read every single response that comes through.

Other updates

  • Alert emails now include a hyper-link to the event making it easy to go straight to the offending alert.
  • Alert acknowledgements are now emailed and recorded in the Event Log.

Missing data - Where current generation visibility solutions fall short

Introducing the Quality Overview Report