Sinefa Introduces Customer Portal for Managed Service Providers

Commoditisation of IT equipment, emergence of low cost cloud services and dwindling IT reseller margins has demanded service providers, technology resellers, internet service providers and communication companies to reconfigure their business model and often re-invent themselves completely to stay in business.Today Sinefa releases 'Customer Portal' for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) helping MSPs to become more proactive with their network services. With Sinefa's Cloud Customer portal, Service Providers (SP) can now provide next generation network visibility to their customers. Customers simply login and see how their links are being used, who the top users are, drill-down into application usage, perform capacity planning and more. The customer gets instant visibility - no software or hardware required.

Sinefa's Customer Portal is a turn key solution offering service providers the ability to give their customers a deep level of visibility into traffic utilization of their network services. Without requiring any hardware or software at the customer end, the MSP can offer a next generation centralised and cloud hosted network visibility service.

Key Benefits for the Service Provider

  • Provide a high value self-service network visibility portal to your customers
  • Differentiate your service offering
  • Become proactive in managing your customers network
  • Reduce SP support costs as the SP as well as customer fix problems faster and more efficiently when network intelligence increases

Key Benefits for the SPs customer

  • Immediate visibility with no hardware or software required to be installed at customers premises
  • Cloud based deep visibility into application utilization and performance
  • Find and fix network problems faster
  • Understand capacity and plan for future growth

Key Features

A single installation of Sinefa's software combined with a data source like Netflow is all that's required for SPs to provide visibility to their customers. Sinefa's scalable data collection and processing software is able to collect from one or many different Netflow sources. Traffic sources like SPAN ports and network taps are also supported. The Customer Portal service is able to securely identify the customer's traffic and present it to the customer in a web-based portal.

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