Introducing the Quality Overview Report

Sinefa is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new quality overview report. Thanks to some great feedback from our user community, we’ve developed a report that displays all the quality, application utilization and capacity results for one or more locations on a single page. This report allows users to quickly correlate interesting events with changes in quality, utilization and capacity, which ultimately leads to quick troubleshooting and resolution of problems.


  • Quickly view quality, utilization and capacity results for an individual location, together in a single report.
  • Correlate events over time – all the time series charts are aligned and zoom in sync which allows users to easily understand if a problem is congestion, quality or capacity related.
  • Proactive network management made easy with the ability to analyze quality, utilization and capacity trends over time for the entire WAN, a group of locations, or individual locations.

Sinefa collects hundreds of thousands of samples, measurements, metrics and results for every location each day and we are continuously looking at new and innovative ways to make the most of all this information. The ability to quickly view, digest, compare and analyse all this data is critically important, particularly as more and more applications and services rely on the network. Whether it’s for troubleshooting, trend analysis or capacity planning, the new quality overview report makes it super easy.

The power of being able to view application utilization, quality and capacity on the same time series allows users to quickly understand if a problem is congestion, a drop in network quality or a reduction in promised capacity. The following example explains how.

Example Scenario

After receiving an alert for high delay at a particular location, I want to find out what is causing it. Solution: With the new quality overview report, simply view the location of interest and find the increased delay in the time series chart. This increase in delay lines up with a sudden increase in utilization, caused by a streaming video application. The capacity results remain unchanged, so the increase in delay is caused by congestion, due to the video.

The quality overview report is available today and can be found by selecting Reports -> Quality, Overview from the menu.

Product Update – April 2013

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