Introducing Flow Segmentation: Countless ways to visualise and share traffic analytics

We are very excited to be releasing a new innovation offering deep network visibility for customers without the need for hardware or software. Sinefa is now able to aggregate flow data from various network equipment and segment the data for reporting and analysis by different groups of people such as customers, departments or regional managers. This means instant deep network visibility for groups that have no or limited access to data about their network usage. Sinefa segmentation allows users to drill right into their data to better understand application usage and network trends. All this, based in the cloud.


  • Customers of segmentation get immediate visibility - no hardware, no software.
  • Support for sub-segmentation allows higher definition (HD) visibility within the same account.
  • Traffic can be segmented based on 60 different parameters including custom fields.
  • One minute data resolution.

Flow Segmentation

Network aggregation points can carry all sorts of traffic. Be it a service provider peering point, Internet access gateway for enterprise, WAN link to data centre and virtual and private cloud access, there is a variety of traffic traversing these points. Flow Segmentation enables high speed data collection and analysis from central locations and assigns traffic flows to modular data sources. These data sources can then be securely assigned and accessed for deeper analysis by customers, users or staff.  This provides countless possibilities to access and analyse centralised data sources and provide visibility to the people that care about the traffic.


  • A Service Provider (SP) can use netflow from core routers, map customers based on subnet or IP address and provide them with access to their dedicated Sinefa portal to analyse their portion of the traffic. All the SP needs to do is spin up a virtual Sinefa Instance and send flow data from the data source. For further details see Sinefa Customer Segmentation Q&A for Service Providers.
  • An Enterprise with branch locations accessing application servers in the cloud can use Sinefa's segmentation technology to analyse consolidated usage as well as segment that by branch office, department or even partners. Branches, departments and partners can access traffic relevant to them. Sinefa is able to accept data from VMware's VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch), a common use case when provisioning and managing networking in a virtual environment.

Sinefa supports high speed flow data from 3rd party sources including netflow, span port and in-line data collection.

Find out more about Flow Segmentation technology and how to make large scale visibility a breeze.

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